Monday, December 08, 2008

Training Wheels

I'm terrible at dedicating myself to good health and fitness. No matter how many times I say I'm going to start working on the core, or lifting some weights, or eating sensibly, it just doesn't seem to happen. Horrid self control.

But when it comes to some aerobic work, I was pretty disciplined last winter about hitting the treadmill and eventually the trainer. It helped out significantly in losing some weight and gaining some endurance once cycling season hit. I didn't start in earnest until after the new year, but it did help. This year I planned on starting a bit earlier to stave off the holiday lazy poundage that so easily occurs.

With that, yesterday I hooked up the bike to the trainer. The loud, boring, go nowhere trainer. It's a necessary evil if I plan on being able to hang with anyone next spring for more than the three miles of warm up on the Tuesday night ride.

Having something to watch is essential or the trainer/treadmill become unbearable for more than about 10 minutes. With some entertainment to distract attention away from the monotony, time slips by more efficiently.

Anyway, here's the Winter Training Camp setup. Note the massive 19" color TV, the luxurious surroundings, and the lovely scale off to the bottom right corner. Gotta know that progress is being made, or at least regression kept at bay, no?

Alright, that's that. But look at this setup. This is what makes riders weak and soft and slow. Who would want to train in such miserable conditions? The temptation of the candy in the curio cabinet. The stocked wine rack. The relaxing recliners beckoning. Bah. Aham, this is not right, my friend!

I am only a little bit jealous, but love to keep in mind how Rocky Balboa trained by chasing chickens in miserable back alley Philly to go the distance with Apollo Creed and ran up a mountain in cold snowy Siberia while wearing a leather jacket en route to whupping Ivan Drago.

Or something like that.


Psimet said...

I love your use of the "jealousy" tag. Training is training. I have yet to get on the trainer at home apart from a quick 10 minute test a few weeks back. Outside of riding outside I have been doing the Bicycle Heaven Trainer classes on Tuesday Nights.

Anonymous said...

Training indoors is an act against nature. Why make it comfortable? You suffer outdoors right? Your setup looks a lot like mine. Come spring . . . we'll be ahead of the game!

aham23 said...

first, the boxes of candy are empty and just for show. those junior mints never had a chance.

second, i will be your appollo creed as long as we get to hug & celebrate Rocky 3 beach scene style after the 09 RTR.

third, if i remain injury free this winter consider the game on.


merider (M.E.-rider) said...

I love your jealousy tag too and may have to steal it. ;-) Your trianing set up is great! I wish I had room for a trainer, let alone a treadmill!