Wednesday, January 03, 2007

It's too warm outside.

Don't get me wrong, I enjoy a 50 degree unlimited sunny day as much as anyone else. In fact, I took a nice walk with the family around the neighborhood at lunch today. However, it is January 3rd. And this is the upper Midwest. 50 degrees shouldn't occur but as an aberration before a major front socks us into our flannel-lined jeans and heavy wool sweaters. For goodness sakes, there were thunderstorms on New Years Eve. What's up with that?j

I have a feeling we'll get some more bitter cold sooner or later, but this constant mild winter is getting a bit suspicious. Global warming? Well, big glaciers have been falling off of Arctic islands into the ocean. Greenland is actually getting green in the summer. Of course, certain politicians would have us believe we're on the verge of the oceans swallowing up Miami, NYC, and other coastal cities, while others say it's all a bunch of liberal hooey. I don't know, but it just seems that evidence continues to pile up in favor of climate warming.

Thankfully we live up pretty high and dry. ;-)

I've been reading and enjoying Brandon Sanderson's Elantris in the past week. For a change, I've picked up a book that doesn't start a whole series of books, though my to-read list is filled with such multi-volume stories. I'll compile a list soon and start to pick them off as the year progresses.

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