Wednesday, December 27, 2006

Time to get moving.

I hopped on a scale this past weekend and was kind of surprised that I have not put on as much weight this fall/winter has I did last year. This despite my lack of discipline on the treadmill and the trainer. Been getting quick treadmill workouts in maybe 2 times a week. And the stinking bike is still not hooked up to the trainer in the basement. Ugh.

There is time before the real spring riding weather hits for my backside to get reacquainted with the saddle on the Felt, but I can't keep fooling myself too much longer. I have not set goals for the 2007 season, but if I can improve on my 2006 milage, complete the longer challenge ride routes up in Wisconsin (the 200k routes west of Madison), and keep up with the faster riders, I'll be a happy camper.

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aham23 said...

hey nice blog dude! i think that 200k up in WI you refer to is also one of my goals for 2007. later.