Tuesday, December 26, 2006

Boxing Day recap

Well, another celebration of the birth of Jesus Christ and lengthening daylight has passed. The risk of broken ankle has increased about threefold in our house. Toy-mania. It's incredible how much stuff kids can have.

In the end, they return to the tried-and-true beat-up/worn-down plush doll that gets them from dawn till dusk and beyond. Or it's whatever is conveniently located to pop into the mouth, if you happen to be 6 months old.

What's with packaging these days? Every plastic trinket has to be shrink-wrapped and then connected by wire, which is then twisted a dozen times and then taped down for good measure. The Chinese must have a pretty good racket going to have to package everything thus. They have to be laughing, too, at all this junk they sell to the rest of the world.

In any case, as usual, I got more than I needed. A half dozen CD's, including the most wonderful Ways Not To Lose by The Wood Brothers. Chris Wood (of Medeski Martin & Wood) and his brother Oliver just laying down sly, funky, chill acoustic tunes. Incredibly relaxing and engaging at the same time. As for other loot: Got the requisite socks (DeFeet wool Blazes, nonetheless!), requisite shirt/sweater combo, a wind vest for riding, another Bernard Cornwell book (The Winter King), a Mag Light flashlight, and a pound of good Caribou coffee. Also got a Borders gift certificate, which will be put to good use, I'm sure.

Alright. Now it's time to get back to work.

Selah, Cheers, Huzzah, and Salud!

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