Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Pre-Ride Burgers

Reminder:  Don't hit the Wendy's drive thru before a ride.
Had a horrible Tuesday night ride with a 99 cent cheeseburger and chicken nuggets sitting like cooling lava in the stomach.  Legs like lead.  Falling off the back almost from the warm up.  Terrible feeling.
The faster guys slowed down early on and Dejan encouraged me to just sit in for the ride, but the legs wouldn't go.  I hung on for a very short time and then watched as the lead three floated out of site down River Road.   
Rode rest of shortened route with Nick, listening to his tales of riding in France a few years back.  Legs never came around, stomach never stopped feeling like heaving.  
What a change from a week earlier when I kept pace with a fast ride down in Bartlett, TN.  That ride I was in much bigger gears, my legs responded to accelerations and took strong pulls.  I attribute that to the power of eating Huey burger for lunch that day.
Next week I'm going back to my pre-ride Boca Burger.  Yeah, Bocas are fake meat, but for some reason I usually feel pretty good on rides after having one for dinner.  And because we don't have Huey's in Chicagoland. 


aham23 said...

legs need a break, not a burger. you will be back at the back of the lead group in now time. :)

Psimet said...

So....Meat=bad. Boca=good.