Thursday, August 28, 2008

Super Slo-Mo

Here are a few grainy videos I shot when riding around northern Georgia. For longer winded details on the trip to the south, click here.

First up: Wolf Pen Gap. This one goes on for a while because it was still early and I had the energy to put up with holding the camera for over two minutes. And despite the last line saying this is not yet half way up, it actually was pretty close to the top.

Next: Brasstown Bald. This is right after I clipped back in on the wall. Very short video. I needed everything I had.

Last: Neels Gap. This is getting to the top just before the hostel going south toward Turners Corners. Note this is a busier road. The downhill on the other side of this is amazing.

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aham23 said...

videos! you are da man!!!!!!!!