Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Decision 2008 - Potholes and Zombies

Are you tired of the Presidential campaigns? Yeah. Not me. I'm loving it still, but need to turn my concentration to the things that matter. You should, too.

Ask yourself this: Who are you voting for in the race for County Clerk? How about County Auditor? State Senator? State Congressional Representative? County Coroner? Mayor? City Council? Property tax increase for the local school district?

These are the people and issues who get things done on your street, right? I mean, are you going to call Obama if you need a pothole filled? How about Zombie Abatement? McCain may look like he's up to the task, but I think I need a more experience County Coroner to tackle that problem.

I printed out a few sample ballots and will do a little investigation in the next few days so hopefully I can walk into the voting booth and know what I want to do.


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palin can fill my potholes any time.......What did i just type? i gotta go. later.