Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mileage? November > October

It's a sad fact when I rode more miles in November than in October. Especially when it's only November 1st.

Even sadder fact: the ride was just a touch over 28 miles.

In any case, it was good to ride again after a long layoff. The weather was 50 degrees and almost no wind, so it was bearable. A good ride out of St Charles out to the west and back with four others, all of whom are in better riding shape than me. Fortunately they were taking it easy before a 'cross race (or in one case, a 10K run) tomorrow, so I was able to hold on.

Plus, there were coffee and pancakes at a local diner afterwards, which made the morning complete. I love it when they just leave the pot of coffee at the table. My apologies to Psimet if I drank most of it before he even refilled his cup.

Speaking of running, it appears a challenge has been laid down by Skinny Bing. Signing up and paying for the humiliation of running 6+ miles? C'mon now. That sounds nuts.

An observation from today's ride. Wearing amber lenses makes fall colors look really cool.

And a follow up to the tree post from a while back, here's how red the silver maples get around here before they all drop their leaves:

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