Saturday, November 08, 2008

Facebook is going to be the end of me.

Holy moly.

Facebook is a trip.

People I haven't seen or heard or talked to or even thought of in almost 20 years are out there. It's crazy. And cool as hell.

Thanks be the almighty that my work network blocks it.


aham23 said...

i have stayed away from it. i must take a lookie now. thanks.

CyLowe said...

You'd dig the most, aham.

aham23 said...

i do. but did you end up passing from it? just wondering. later.

CyLowe said...

Nah. Just haven't had much to say. Soon, though.

Psimet said...'s for people that don't have cycling stuff to shop for, BF to read, or blogs to bore people with.

...and yeah a lot of old people want to "be your friend." Weird.