Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Lines? What lines?

A few things about voting today.

It's 70-something degrees and sunny. I rode my bike the 1/2 mile to the polling place in a t-shirt and jeans. Odd weather for November.

There were lots of people at the polling place, but no lines. Very well organized operation. The only 'glitch' was that I went to a voting machine on the wrong side of the room and my access code didn't work. Going to a machine on the correct side of the room makes a difference.

I like the voting machines we use. They are electronic and use a scroll wheel to move through the ballot to make selections. And after validating the picks, the selections print on a roll of paper to the side so that they is a hard copy of the selections as fall back. After about three times of "are you sure? really?" checks, the ballot is cast and it feels pretty secure.

From leaving home to coming home, it took maybe twenty minutes.

Also, my dear sweet wife rode her bike to the poll with the kids in the trailer. Very cool way to spend a beautiful Fall day.


aham23 said...

codes and machines? wow, fancy up there. it was paper and pen for me. no line. no wait. easy peasy. WIN!!

Psimet said...

We hear you guys down South don't mix well with machines....just sayin...